How long will my order take to arrive? 

To provide the latest technology and to keep our prices low, we use a number of international suppliers. Because of this, our delivery time can vary from product to product. Please expect up to 25 Working days for some products to arrive, although this is rare and most products will arrive within 14 business days. 

Can I track my order? 

Yes! we offer tracking on our products. Simply contact us and we will provide a tracking number.

What if I want to return an item? We accept returns in original packaging within 14 days of the product being received. for more information, visit our Refund & Return Policy.

How can I get in touch if I have a problem with my order? 

If you have any problems with your order, please Contact Us at Support@gadgetechstore.com or through Facebook Messenger.

How can I pay for my order? 

We accept PayPal, Debit cards, and most cedit card providers in the United States and worldwide.

Will my order arrive all in one package? 

Because we use multiple suppliers across multiple countries, orders with multiple items may not arrive in one package, and our delivery and shipping policy still applies, so you will still receive your items within 25 business days at absolute maximum.

How can I stay in the loop about special offers and deals? 

If you like sales, special offers and new products, Join Our Newsletter! also follow us on Facebook  @Gadgetechstore and Instagram @Gadgetechofficial for new products and sales!

What if i have another question?

Please Contact Us or message us on Facebook Messenger if you have any further questions, comments, or feedback. We are happy to help!